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In an interview with The Washington Post, several parents who are now forced to listen to “Baby Shark” on infinite Download Baby Shark RUN APK for Android loop also recalled the bloodier version of the song from summer camp. “I thought it was so funny that we were singing this dark song to little kids,” said Joana Munson, the mother of a 2-year-old. “Baby Shark” is a children’s song in which participants list the members of a fictional shark’s family, beginning with the titular infantile squaloid and progressing through the “momma,” “daddy,” “grandma” and “grandpa” sharks. Despite originating as a rather upsetting camp activity, South Korea’s “Pinkfong” cleaned up the lyrics and put out a bopping version of the song, seemingly with the express purpose of torturing parents.

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  • Turn on the World Series, Mom and Dad, so your little kids can watch these baseball fans and baseball players go nuts for Baby Shark.
  • According to Nickelodeon, the weeklong special — airing from Monday, Aug. 10 to Friday, Aug. 14 from 7 a.m.
  • Apart from surviving as long as possible and earning the highest score, there are several side objectives.
  • NEW YORK – Most viral videos have a finite shelf life, but the “doo doo doo” of “Baby Shark” shows no sign of abating.

The road is long and arduous, but you won’t be alone – occasionally, Baby Shark’s ocean buddies will come along. Baby shark has more views than the world population, what the fuck. Prog rockers touring in support of 25th album “Coat of Arms.”


A string of Scherzers, Rendons and Zimmermans headed into schools across the city as students wore team jerseys to show their Nationals pride. WASHINGTON — When Ryan Zimmerman, the Washington Nationals first baseman, was a young boy playing baseball in his backyard, he often imagined that he was in the World Series. The Angels lose to the Kansas City Royals 3-2 on a final play Tuesday when the ball ‘literally did not bounce our way,’ as manager Joe Maddon put it. The fans jump to their feet, sing along, and make chomping motions with their hands.

Whenever a player hits a single, they turn to their teammates and start flashing the Baby Shark sign from first base . For a triple or homer, it’s a full-on Daddy Shark . Parra’s wacky walk-up has become so pervasive that even opponents have taken note. If you’re not familiar with “Baby Shark,” it’s the exact opposite of a traditional walk-up selection. It’s not a thumping rap song that makes stadiums quake.

Gerardo Parra Made baby Shark His Walk

This mutant baby shark caught by fishermen off the coast of Indonesia is said to have a ‘human face’ with two large round eyes underneath its snout which gives it a cartoon-like appearance. Washington’s 6-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 19 sparked a 16-4 run over the team’s next 20 games. While they’ve cooled off a bit since then, the Nationals are still since Parra switched to “Baby Shark”, and they are currently holding an NL wild card spot with 50 games remaining in the regular season. Fans of all ages are performing the Baby Shark dance at Nationals Park | Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty ImagesNationals fans love it.

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