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We hear you. You’re disappointed that people didn’t communicate more info on the monetary state regarding the company as a consequence of the international COVID-19 pandemic previously

We hear you. You’re disappointed that people didn’t communicate more info on the monetary state regarding the company as a consequence of the international COVID-19 pandemic previously

I like couchsurfing and also the whole tales it provided me with, I don’t need explanations to assist !! the best vibes for CS and all of us in .

The bad thing is:

– it’ll scare away new users – it’ll lessen the number of individuals who will utilize this platform, and so the couchsurfing world can be smaller – it is a fundamental globe view that is being implemented right here and it’ll make all individuals steer clear whom help a totally free model – just exactly exactly what we liked about couchsurfing: no body would steer clear who somehow found or heard about your website. There was clearly no entry barrier. Which is a product that is good. So everybody who’s for a globally linked sharing community for hospitality might have registered. – going forward we imagine individuals will look for other free choices. You won’t have everyone within one spot. It really is a shame since online payday loan bad credit South Dakota most of us spent lot of the time into our pages. CS ended up being an electronic representation of this free travelling that is spirited and I also have always been exceptionally sceptical this is basically the right approach to take.

In the event that you really cherish this community and would like to continue having everyone in a single spot and never being gradually changed by a business who can represent the free nature you did to date i might very advise to consider yet other more creative choices to raise cash, save money and exactly what perhaps not. There has to be some well off couchsurfers who want up uphold the character. I’d state work significantly more on increasing understanding (as you do), learn hard e.g. the Kickstarter community and exactly how much money may be raised when individuals are actually behind one thing. Introduce a tip function that asks you following a stay: did it is enjoyed by you? Simply how much wouldn’t it be well worth for you personally? Totally Free contribution much appreciated! I will think about a many innovative approaches to allow individuals you without setting up a tough pay wall and bringing individuals into a “ideological conflict”. This isn’t couchsurfing, it’s going to thin down this community that is vibrant please reconsider and attempt yet other available choices.

All the best time member that is long

Couchsurfing made a really bad choice in how they included years back without listening to engaged memebers that helped build town. Ever since then all of the company logic which was implemented ended up being according to atomizing people and scaling down team dynamics. Given that none among these approaches worked call at creating a lucrative busines, you keep coming back and claim to pay attention, you continue steadily to blame other people: the freeriders in the neighborhood for perhaps maybe not money that is making. Additionally the social individuals who still hold grudges for the disrespect and mistakes that have been done for them therefore the platform.

I think you instead still don’t notice and you to will not acknowledge that the incorrect choice ended up being made in the past on the best way to make CS work and scale as a residential area task. As it’s simply not real that going integrated may be the rational solution to have effect or make a big and web project work that is costly. Simply glance at Wikipedia. They run annually campaigns that are funding why shouldn’t Couchsurfing?

It is not about pouring out your hearts from time to time. This will be about visiting the heart of exactly just what Couchsurfing is. Also it’s community task, and never a busines. And also to act as such, it requires to get its foundation right, in means that respects user share, transparency, and accountability.

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